I just don't know what to do anymore....

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Hey folks,

I'm new to this forum so hello!!. I am 29 and have suffered from anterior knee pain since 2005 it just kinda progressed i've never had a injury to my knee, in 2005 they gave me a mri scan which came clear alongside xrays and i was referred to physio as the years have went on it has gradually worsened extending into my other knee. Last year i had another mri scan which showed the early stages of wear and tear again i was referred to physio who gave me the correct exercises but as my muscles have gained strength my pain has always slowed me down, constantly feeling tired. I have had countless medication and have fought for second opinions and the right treatment. I work within the NHS as a domestic so i have quite an active job and occupational health in 2010 said it would be likely i was protected under the equality act 2010 which backed my employers off for a while.

I feel like im moaning but its no fun trying to work wishing your whole week away so you can rest at weekend, i had to twist Oc healths arm to get them to refer me to a pain clinic where i was given a joint injection and boy its the first relieve ive felt since 2005!!!! that was in April and its now worn off. Oc Health have retracted their equality letter now stating that i am fully fit to work in the department i previously worked in which the workload compared to the department i am in now is more heavier and if i say i cannot manage these work activities im disresepcting a managers instruction. No follow up from my pain clinic or physio and no further support from them not that they ever did anything.

I dont know what to do, i want to work and have tryed my damnest to be at work even starting ym shift 15 mins earlier so i can slow down a bit, im not refusing to go back to my previous post because i dont want to or cant be bothered its because i know i wont manage it and they think by phasing me in its all ok. I am starting to get down about this situation and wonder why no one wants to help me. 4 people have said early arthiritic conditions but i just want a diagnosis and help..... :cry:


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    Hi, it's nice to meet you. You mentioned the phrase 'wear and tear', that is the term given to osteo arthritis, a very common complaint in the human race and it has no repsect for age. I now have OA in my knees but mine has resulted from damage caused by another form of arthritis. I think you need to go and see your GP and ask their advice. GPs are the ones who deal with OA, they can give you adequate pain relief and possibly an anti-inflammatory med. These will help but not 'cure' as such. I know from personal experience that the OA pain is a very different beast to the other, it is deeper, hotter and never stops.

    Have you thought about trying knee supports whilst you are at work? The downside is they can make your muscles lazy - you need to continue with exercise to keep the muscles strong to help support the joints, but if you are on your feet a great deal using the supports may well help. All forms of arthritis are tiring, building rest times into each day is important as they help the body to cope and recover a little.

    I am afraid I cannot help much on the work front as I am self-employed. Do you belong to a union? Are they able to give you any advice and help re work? I hope someone else on here can be of more help to you. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi welcome to the forums from me.

    I think if l were you l would be going to my own GP and asking for a referral to a pain clinic myself...you may be able to have another jab as well. You are allowed a certain number in a given time and it worked so well.

    Is there a union where you work l wonder? I only ask because you may be covered by the disability discrimination act. l would be taking advice now if l were you before you are put in a postion which you can't cope with.


    Toni xx
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    hi i can offer no help but wanted to say welcome and good luck val
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    Hi sorry to hear of all your problems sound similar to my and others sufferers situation on here, right so what about pain meds?, what types are you on and how do you find them?, are they effective or do you find they are next to usless some times?.

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