etancercept and depression/low self esteem

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Hi. My daughter, who is 17 has been back on etanercept since april 2011 and since then she has become depressed with very low self esteem and has become very anxious. When she was on the etanercept before this was also a problem but not as extreme as this time. I realise that lots of teenagers have anxiety/confidence problems but this seems so extreme we are wondering if it is a side effect of the medication as it came in with a bang when she started it. I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? and if so did they or their child come off the medication? And also could it be that the teenage hormones are affecting the way it works? Also has anyone tried Adalimumab/Humira and had any similar problems as don't want to jump from frying pan ino the fire! Thanks for ANY advice form anyone. M


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    Just wanted to say that I think maybe you need to let your GP or rhumy know about the depression she is suffering from, it may be nothing to do with the meds but its better to be safe than sorry. I take Etancercept and haven't had any of those symptoms although i am 43. Good luck. xx
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    I've not noticed anything with my daughter whose 5 but then we each react to meds differently. She does have massive mood swings which only started when she started etanercept but so far it's not a massive problem for us so i'm willing to live with that side effect to watch her run and play with her friends instead of crying in pain.

    I would agree take her back to gp/rheumy or contact your rheumy nurse for advice. good luck