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Since we got Buzzy (which has been a god send) Kayleigh has been brill with injections and doesn't even have ametop of cold spray for bloods we just go in with buzzy and that's it.

In August she had a ruptured ear drum so obviously no injections for that week then she had injections then we went away for 2 weeks and ever since then (she only missed one dose of meds as we left on a friday right after her injections and came home 2 weeks later and the nurse came out to give her injections once we got back) she's been a nightmare.

At first we thought oh well we've been off on holiday had a good time not thought about injections etc. But this is 5 weeks in a row now as soon as Jane arrives (our community nurse) she has run away and hidden upstairs, sitting behind the bedroom door so we can't open it. Once I get buzzy on her leg she calms down but only a little bit.

Enbrel she has fine this doesn't seem to phase but the MTX omg it's getting worse. She's been put on a lower dose now as well from 10mg to 5 but she screams and cries for ages afterwards, I know this one can sting and it would appear this whole batch has done nothing but hurt her just waiting for the gp surgery to say more has been delivered to go and collect it :( I'm dreading this week. For bloods though she sits there and is fine doesn't even batter an eyelid so confused by all this. She even has bloods out of the hands not her arm (her choice) which to me is nuts lol

Michelle xxx


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    Oh Michelle, I am so sorry to read this. I remember that enbrel didn't hurt me but the meth often does, and can do so for some time after. It can also make you feel quite grotty but in a way you cannot identify. No wonder your girl is reacting this way. I have no practical advice (I chose not to have children) but I hope that someone who has trodden this path before will soon be along to offer some wise words. I wish you both well. DD
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    My son suddenly started to struggle and try and hide with methotrexate after he'd been good for about 9 months and same would sit still for blood tests. In the end we put it down to nausea that came afterwards was making him anxious in anticipation, so we started an anti-sickness which has helped a bit but not completely. He has emla always had emla on as he found it so painful.

    Does Buzzy really work i saw them but because it was quite expensive didn't want to buy one if it didn't work. Where did you get yours?

    Hope it improves, let me know if anything works
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    Yes Buzzy works really well and we are really happy with it. We have changed how we deal with MTX injections and it seems to be better. we pop buzzy on first then she injection then we pop buzzy back over the injection site and this seems to be working although she still HATES injections.

    There has just been announced that we now have a UK distributor yay so no longer have to try and get from America. The website is