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Hi, I am new to this forum, don't really know why as I have a 13 year old daughter who has had JIA for 12 years. My daughter has been on methotrexate injections since Xmas last year, she went from a 15ml dose to 17.5ml, since increasing the dose she finds the injections very painful and is in tears every week. She says its not the needle going in but when the medicine goes in and after the needle is removed that really hurts. We have tried putting ice on the injection site and we apply the numbing cream for at least an hour beforehand but neither seem to really help. When the hospital showed us how to do the injections they used a freeze spray. Has anyone tried this at home. if so does it work, what's it called and where can I buy some? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated to avoid the stress and pain caused every week.


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    Oh dear, your poor girl and poor you too. I am an aged hag (well, 52 and a bit) who does 15 ml per week and yes, it stings good and proper every now and again. Using ice may well help but only briefly and I reckon the numbing cream will only help the external part of the pain - I know that this hurts inside and that is far harder to get at. I do my injection early in the morning on a Wednesday (that is how it was done at the hospital and I have carried on that way) but I then spend the next couple of hours diverting my attention with the telly and puzzles. When do these jabs happen for your girl? Could the timing be adjusted perhaps to the evening so she could sleep off the worst? I know that things are worse when I get too close to a nerve: I use my stomach as an injection site as there are fewer nerves there - could that site be an option? I hope some of the mums will be along soon to help, it is a recurring theme on here. I wish you both well. DD
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    My daughter is 5 and it stings her too :( haven't got a clue what to do about it either just wanted to send you my sympathies.
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    hiya im 24 and have jia which ive had since i was 8. ive been on and off the methotrexate due to side affects but ive been back on the injections since december last year. i find that the injections can be painful and the rheumatology nurse said its probably down to catching a vessel. i sometimes find that getting someone else to do the injection into the top of my arm helps and i always do it just before bed to sleep it off. i know how she feels often have alot of problems with it and have occasionally not taken the methotrexate due to them.
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    Hi there,
    Have you heard about Buzzy? Its an american product which is available online and is about to be supplied by a UK distrubutor. I havn't tried it yet but have one on order as I have heard great things. It acts a bit like a tens machine but also has wings(its a bee by the way!) which can go in the freezer to help soothe the injectino site.
    have alook on the website, buzzy 4 shots.
    Will let the forum know how I get on with it when ours arrives for my five year old daughter,
    I hope she gets some relief soon,
    love to all
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    Kayleigh already uses buzzy and although it stops the injection hurting when it goes in same with bloods being taken it's the sting in the medicine itself which hurts her she hates it. She loves buzzy and she always wants to use it as she has enbrel as well. That one doesn't sting just mtx :(

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    Thanks everyone for your replies, its reassuring knowing that other people are experiencing the same problems I just wish someone had a solution.
    My husband gives my daughter her injection on a Monday evening, it used to be a Sunday evening but we found it spoilt the whole weekend as everyone was getting stressed out about the injection. Mondays seems better as my husband is busy at work and my daughter is at school so they dont have time to think about the injection till they get home.
    My daughter has the injection in her thighs, i have suggested trying her arms or tummy but she is so petite with no excess fat i think it would be just as painful somewhere else. I did wonder if she did the injection herself she would feel more in control but she is adamant she doesnt want to do it herself.
    I know the problem is not with the needle as she has regular blood tests and has had vaccinations without the magic cream and hasnt complained at all. The pain that makes her so upset is the sting from the medicine going in and the "dead leg" afterwards.
    I did look into Buzzy but it seems geared towards younger children who are scared of the needle pain.
    It seems harder now my daughter is a teenager convincing her to persevere with the methotrexate injections when she hates having them so much.
    Any other help/ advice appreciated.