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Well I joined a well known slimming group as have been unsuccessful trying to guess how to lose weight by myself and have lost 7 and a half pound in 2 weeks. The first 2 weeks tends to be fluid loss so I might slow down now on but nevertheless I am really feeling chuffed!

Wish me well as got another load to go....



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    Well done Elizabeth!

    7.5 lbs is a great start and yes you'll probably slow down but you're on the way 8)

    Will you do some gentle exercise if you're able as well do you think?

    I wish I had the motivation myself so I really applaud you

    Keep going

  • tkachev
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    Hi Janie,

    I was starting to make excuses to not go out, that was my motivation, plus the rheummy is always asking if i've put on weight in a concerned voice so I thought i'd better do something.
    I have to say it has been easy to follow this diet my only problems have been leftovers- I used to eat them without thinking. So I have had to control that and have not always been successful.
    I'm not sure about the exercising. I did like using an exercise bicycle at the physio and hydrotherapy so could pick up on them again.

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    Oh, many congratulations tkachev! That is wonderful news and I hope this will carry on for you, you have made an excellent start. Good luck! DD
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    Well done Elizabeth..
    Great news and effort..
    Some good news to tell rheumy too..
    Keep up the good work luvie..x
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    well done Elizabeth. Keep up the good work mi dear.

    I lost ten pounds last week.. I bet my mate I could lose some weight, I lost :shock: :lol:
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    Tony I had to read that twice before it sunk in! Thanks for the laugh though.

    E x
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    Congratulations Elizabeth on your weight loss, I am pleased you have found a programme that works for you.
    Wish I could just cut down on coffee and sugar :smile:

    Juliepf x
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    well done since i booked a holiday have been much better lol think chocolate them shorts on holiday and chocolate stays where it is lol
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    Well done