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Hello all,
I'm feeling a bit sad today. After enjoying myself on Tuesday with my grandson collecting conkers I'm now paying the price. My lower back is teriibly painful and my legs feel wobbly and unsteady.That's arthur for you, any enjoyment you get has a price, pain payback. Arthur is sneaky, it makes you think you're ok to do something, no pain at the time, next day it bites you in the bum. I should be used to this by now (diagnosed 6 years ago) but I always think maybe this time it will be different. Yesterday the pain actually made me feel sick, at least today I can take it easy. I'm not moaning, just a bit sad and frustrated.

Sue x


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    It is rarely 'different', Nanasue. There is always a price to pay. Have your arthritic debit card ready at all times. But make sure you keep enjoying the good days to the full. I hope you had a conker fight.
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    That's one I learned too. If you plan to do something you know is over and above what you might normally do, chances are you will pay for it somewhere down the line.

    I hope it eases up for you soon Sue, sounds really sore.

    Gentle hugs from me.
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    Hi Sue,
    Sadly there is always payback.
    At the moment I'm sore and thats because after these fractures and being stuck in a lot and not driving I've got slightly overboard this week and am paying for it.
    Sunday i drove 88 miles.
    Monday A friend and i went out and had coffee in the country....about 24 miles round trip
    Tuesday I had to go out....10miles
    Wednesday...morning did housework, afternoon went outwith same friend about another 24 miles and left the house at 6pm and drove another 44 miles.
    So today I'm suffering but it will everything else :grin:

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    Hi Sue

    Sorry you are suffering for having such a lovely time with your grandson. Hope after resting today you will feel good again intime for the weekend :smile:

    Juliepf x
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    Despite the payback remember the cause - wasn't it worth it? You had a grand time as your joints etc enabled that and that is the good thing. Every once in a while the expected payback does not materialise as fully as one might expect, and sometimes it does, but you had a lovely time. Rest up now and do what you can to ease those pesky joints. DD

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