Got my referral!!!!!!

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Had my appt and got my referral to another hospital. The gp was really good and did remember me. :lol: I was given a choice of her writing to my current hospital and requesting a change of meds or a new referral. I nearly bottled out, but stuck to my guns and chose the referral.

I am hoping a fresh pair of eyes will join the dots and get me a proper diagnosis and treatment. Apparently I am still unlikely to see the same doc twice, but I should get better treatment from this hospital.

The gp seemed to think I needed injections :?: but that as I have no positive RF I was unlikely to get them. She also was of the opinion my diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis was enough, as the treatment is the same for all anyway. I can see her point, but I explained my concerns.

So all support much appreciated, and helped calm my last minute nerves. Thanks very much for that.

The referral will be months as it isn't urgent, but I am happy to wait. At the moment anyway!! :lol: I carry on with same rheumy for now.


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    great news suzygirl and I am pleased you are happy :grin::grin:

    Hope the referal isn't as long as you think.

    juliepf x
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    Oh that is wonderful! I am so pleased for you and yes, let's hope this is the start of a new beginning for you. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Good for you, Suzygirl. Sticking to ones guns is rarely an easily option and can take a lot of courage. I do hope it pays off for you.
    "The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Kahlil Gibran
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    Suzy that is great news..
    Bet you feel good about that now..
    I have no RF in my bloods but Rheumy put me on steroid injections and they have helped me alot..
    Hopefully soon with the help and support of GP and consultant you can find the right balance..
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    Good for you Suzygirl :grin:

    Hope you don't have to wait too long before being seen... but at least you'll now get another opinion regarding a diagnosis and treatment. :wink:

    Many of the inflammatory arthers are negative for RF... for example PA, AS, JIA , Raynauds'. If you look in AC Publications under 'sero-negative arthropathies' you'll be able to read more about it... and be better prepared for your appointment when it comes.

    The treatments are similar to those for RA.... and do include steroid injections where indicated.

    let us know please when your appointment lands through the letter box.

    Iris xx
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    I hope that things go well for you at the new hospital. I go to a large hospital and the trouble is that you never see the same person twice and everyone has a different opinion! I hope you have a good experience this time! Love Sue xxx
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    Hi Suzy,

    Well done and really really pleased for you!

    Izzy and Velcro have been doing a celebratory dance but they now seem to have their heads in the food cupboard..... can you ever control them?! :lol:

    Really hope this next one will be 'better' able to get you actually diagnosed and helped. ((((( ))))) and a cuppa Cris xx
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    Oh I am so pleased for you Suzy! And so well done for sticking to your guns! I really do hope you don't have to wait too long for the appt at the new hospital.

    I wonder if your GP was talking about anti-tnfs when she mentioned injections. If so, she was misinformed about being unlikely to get them if you have sero-negative RA. Certainly some of them (Rituximab for example) are not generally used for sero-neg simply because they don't appear to work well but, as far as I am aware, many of the others are widely used for various forms of sero neg arthritis.

    Anyhoo, really well done!

    Lots love and ((()))s

  • ironic
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    Hi Suzy,
    Good for you for sticking to your guns and getting a new referral. I did the same and it was the best thing I ever did. Further to travel but well worth it for me.
    I do hope you get an appointment sooner than you think.

    Lv, I x
  • tiggernut
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    Great news. Lets hope this hospital is better for you.