THR: And after 12 weeks ..?

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I had a THR four weeks ago. My consultant advised me that I would never be able to bend beyond 90 degrees or cross my legs again in my life (not just during the first 12 weeks). I was not alone in getting this advice from him. However, most (all?) other medical staff (my surgeon, OTs) to whom I spoke disagreed.

Have any others been given the same advice? Is it particular to your circumstances? Or is my consultant being too cautious?

With thanks in advance, Mike


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    hi can not help but sure some one will be along who can soon val
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    Hi, I've had a re-surface and now a THR on same hip and I've never been told anything like that. An overcautious consultant perhaps?

    Cannot understand why, if it was a 'normal' THR, he would give that advice.

    I would double check with everyone involved

    Take care
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    Hi Mike :grin:

    sorry I can't help either..... but as Val said there are lots of folks here who've had THR and I'm sure will be of help to you.

    Iris xxx
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    Had mine a year ago Never was told about that Now I can shovel gravel,weed the garden and cut my own toenails
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    I'm with the others, Mike. I've two THRs. You do have to be very careful at first because of the danger of dislocation and, I guess, 'at first' will be different for different people. Once your hip muscles are really strong (Do the exercises they gave you religiously) I don't see a problem. I cross my legs, both ways (Though not at once!) and I do take them beyond 90 but you need to do this slowly at first so's you can recognise if it's a bit dodgy. And certainly don't attempt it at 4 weeks. 4 months is a bit more like. Do you see your physio again? They'd be the best person to ask.
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    My THR...I was told 6 weeks {90 deg restrictions}.....I was also told to be careful at 6 weeks when I sasw my consultant. So as sticky says be careful.....but no never been told anything like that once the restrictions were up

  • barbara12
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    Hi Mike
    The others have said it all, I just want to welcome you to this lovely forum, has you can see, the information you get is fantastic.
    So I wish you well with your new hip, and hope your recovery goes to plan.
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    Daylily, I am having a bhr soon and I am interested in why yours has been changed to thr. I have read this a few times on other forums and thinking maybe I should forget the bhr and just go for thr, your experience of it would be a great help.
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    Thanks, everyone.

    It does seem that the advice I have been given is exceptional. I will ask again at my next consultant appointment later this month. I'd be surprised if I were a special case especially as (other than his patients) no one else appears to have had the same advice.

    Kind regards, Mike
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