Am I insane?

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I have done 2 marathons and 2 half marathons in recent years. After 4 years of trying I have been offered a London marathon place. Ever since I was about 10 I have always wanted to be one of the "nutters" who get over that line no matter what.

I applied before my diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis.

I haven't ran in about 8 months due to knee pain, however I am used to long walks (one of my marathons was a moonwalk so I had to walk the whole thing). my question is , am I completely insane to even think about it?

I am 31, go to the 3-4 spin classes a week and 1 session a week with a personal trainer, I find I am in less pain if Excercise regularly. I have recently moved house and didn't work out for 4 weeks and boy did I feel in my joints.

My IA seems to have calmed down in recent months thank to sulfa and exercise.

I am thinking about defering the place until 2013 and walk the full 26.2 no running at all. or should I just forget about my dream to protect my knee?


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    Bit of a dilemma?/
    Not sure what to advise really??
    The best thing i can suggest is to talk it over with your GP and trainer and see what they say..That will then hopefully help you decide the best course of action..
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    Yes, I'd talk it over with your doc. It may be OK, if you are generally fit and used to exercise, but running is a strain on the joints, I think you'd need loads of training first, but its amazing what can be done with help and determination. Good luck!
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    wow! :eek:

    insane? surely not :!:

    slightly optomistic? maybe :wink:

    but brave? absolutely! :shock:

    Living with arthur takes so much away from us that it's hard sometimes to concentrate on the positive. If you take advice, take things carefully, well only you know if you're likely to be able.

    Good luck with whatever you decide

    Wonky xxxx

    one more thought - if you do decide to run/walk - I know Arthritis Care do look for people to do the London Marathon to raise funds for them :wink:
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    Wasn't there an ex-soldier, badly injured in Afghanistan, who took nearly three weeks to do the course as he could only manage around a mile a day? He did it, god knows at what personal cost to himself, but he did it. If you have that spirit, that determination, if you are able to physically prepare yourself as much as you can, mentally prepare yourself for failure (ie not completing the course) as well as success, then why not have a go? Arthritis compromises so much of our lives, we need the odd 'lunatic' like you to remind us that sometimes we can do more than we might think possible.

    We cannot make up your mind for you but I would urge you to seek some medical advice on this - and I hope you have a like-minded GP/rheumatologist on board! My first orthopaedic surgeon is a successful tri-athlete. :shock: I wish you well. DD
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    no matter what you decide take advise first from your dr and trainers , the marathon is not a speed race so can be done at a slower pace only you will know how to do it , but i wish you what you want to do happens we only have one life good luck and well done for wanting to to it x
    I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx
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    Thanks guys,

    I have decided to defer it until 2013 and see where I am, at least that gives me much more time to prepare.

    I know I can do the distance as I have done it before, I just worry about the long term damage. I have a rhuemy appointment later this month so will mention it then.

    If i do it then yes I will so some fundraising for Arthritis Care.

    I won't care about timings the aim will be to finish it ( if do it)

    thanks again
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    Hi Gizmo,

    Yep I think you have made the right decision there, good luck with your appointment later this month though.

    I x
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    Good decison Gismo

    Do keep us up to date wont you?


    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    Hi Gismo
    Just to say I think you have done the right thing putting it off till next year, you all that time to prepare, and see what effects the training has on your knees.
    I really do wish you well with it..