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Hi, as you can see from the title i come from sunny Devon. I have recently been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and am hoping to start on Methotrexate when i have to return to the hospital in November.
I am 63 and have been happily married for nearly 40 years. My Husband is a class 1 driver but luckily is home every night. Nothing is too much trouble for him so i am really lucky.
I have two little dogs a Westie and a Yorkie who are so much fun i can`t imagine a time when i wouldn't have a dog they bring me so much joy.
It's so nice to be able to talk to people with the same sort of problems.

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    Morning Devonshiredumpling (What a delicious name!) and welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll soon feel at home here. We have dog owners, at least one Westie owner (Madwestie), good husband owners and all too many 'PA owners'.

    Please just wander about and post wherever you feel like it. LWA and Chit Chat are the most used forums. Look forward to seeing you around.
    "The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Kahlil Gibran
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    Hello Devonshire Dumpling - what a wonderful user name :grin:

    I am sorry about your PA diagnosis but really pleased you have found us.

    I have RA (rheumatoid arthritis) rather than PA but I know there are other forum members with PA so you will be in good company.

    Just a suggestion - if you repost your message on the Living with Arthritis (LWA) forum I think you will get more replies because people tend to use that forum more often.

    Anyhoo - weclome from me and look forward to seeing you posting.

    Tilly xxx
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    Hello Denonshiredumpling :grin:

    very pleased to meet you. Not so pleased about the PA though :sad:

    Hope you will find the forums as helpful and supportive as l have.


    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    hi welcome great to have you i have only got as far as inflimation arther lol but sure will get a real name one day. will look foward to having you join in val
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    Hi Devonshiredumpling
    Welcome to the forum......good to meet you.
    I have OA....not PA but there are a few with PA that ni doubt will answer you soon

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    hi Devonshiredumpling , love the name , welcome to the forum , i have oa that very often likes its own way , also a dog owner a jackrussell who is a delight and hopefully another in the not to distant future when i am back up to full running speed ok maybe forget the running and maybe the speed bit , but his name will be Wilf xx
    I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx
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    Like the others I think that's a great name! Sorry you had to find us but great people with good support and useful info and lots of laughs. I have AS with great family and support (although husband has his moments but must be hard) I am 43, we have a cairn terrier who has been very poorly recently and just be diagnosed with arthritis.

    Hope to see you around. Xx. :lol:
    AS Sufferer
    Live, love and enjoy life, live each day as though it's your last!
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Sorry you had to find us, but I am sure you will enjoy being here. I have a lovely kitten who brings me much pleasure as well as my lovely hubby and boys.
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    Hi Devonshire Dumpling,

    A welcome from me as well.

    I have oa and pa and hope the mtx will help you when you see the rumo next month.

    I got it a while ago now and am the other side the border to you so don't always get the best treatment :lol:

    Hey there are a few dogs about here... we have Maddie the westie (she keeps turning up here as well :wink: ) then my manky lot.. I only have 3 now but might have 2 more before long..... then the best organiser with the incredible costume box it Wonky's Littlelegs.... she is a very versatile dog :lol:

    Hey the sun made it this way yesterday.... bout time eh>! Too late for hay but thats a pet rant of mine :lol: Nice to meet you. Cris x
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    Hello devonshiredumpling, you find yet another admirer of your user name, you may be from Devon but I bet you're no dumpling! It's lovely to meet you but I am sorry you have been recruited into our number. I also have PA, unusually I began the arthritis first (in my left knee) and the skin bit followed a few years later - when I have an outbreak it is on my soles and palms. Other joints have joined in along the way too. I am on humira, meth and sulphasalazine - I think that last med controls the P bit very well indeed, I rarely am troubled by that. I am in my fifteenth year of it all.

    It has just occurred to me that your user name could be abbreviated to DD, like me! Oooooh! Two DDs with the same thing! I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather, I am about to smother myself with some Factor 50 and go and sit in the sun for a little while for some much-needed Vitamin D. So, from one DD to another, hello and goodbye!
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    We cant have 2 DD's :lol::lol:
    The original one is quite sufficient........couldnt have 2 of you :lol::lol:
    Devonshiredumpling you are individual. :lol:

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    welcome devonshiredumpling to the forum
    I hope you enjoy taking part in the different topics. :smile:

    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    Welcome to the forum Devonshiredumpling. I have Ra and a Westie called Maddie(who as cris says seems to turn up in cornwall alot which is very clever of her as we live in Dorset).
    I am also blessed with a wonderful Husband. I am working on himto let Maddie have a little sister but well i think a bit more work to do.
    Maddie also has arthritis and goes to Hydrotheraphy once a fortnight.
    I also have an aged cat who i must admit looks a bit like me when she is walking (but in her case that is not very often, she makes garfield look like a fitness instructor)

    I am sorry that you had to get Pa but glad that you found us.

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    Hi and welcome but sorry you have PsA, I also have PsA and OA and osteoporosis commonly known as "falling to pieces" This is a great support group.Hope you are enjoying the sun and get relief with MTX treatment (((()))) Take care Linda
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    Hi and welcome from me too..

    I am 32 with OA in knees and fingers and inflammatory arthritis elsewhere i have 3 staffys..2 children and a good partner like you..
    Glad you have found us.. we are a good bunch and can understand how you are feeling..We also have a great laugh, i am sure if you look in the chit chat section you will see most of us are crazy lol.
    Look forward to seeing you around..x
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    Hi there, I just wanted to say welcome aboard. Sorry to hear you have PA though it will have been a terrible shock for you.

    Good luck with your appointment in November, and I hope to see you posting very soon.

    Take care,
    Lv, I x