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Heyy Everyone :)

I've been suffering from joint pain since the age of 14, im 19 now, I went to the docters and was told it was growing pains so i gave up. A few years later i developed psorasis, I was still having the joint pain so i went to my docters again, and finally after seeing the docter a few times she has referred me to a rheumatologist, which im still waiting to see. While ive been waiting for this appointment ive noticed a change in my mood, i think I might have depression :( .. I dont want this to rule my life but i dont know what to do to become myself again


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    Hi Gem,

    Welcome to the forum but I'm sorry you had to find us. I should point out that I'm not a 'young person' - far from it - but some of us older hands jump in here occasionally as younger people tend to lead busier lives so are sometimes a bit slower to pop up.

    I don't wonder you're having 'mood problems'. You've had a lot to take in and you're young to be in a position of having to take it in. Unfortunately the auto-immune types of arthritis can take a while to diagnose but having an appointment with a rheumatologist is the first step. Between now and then, try to keep a diary of all your pain - where, when, how severe etc etc and, if any bits swell up, take a photo as all this will be helpful to the rheumatologist.

    If it turns out that you do have arthritis it won't necessarily rule your life. There are lots of meds out there which can help to keep it under control. Try to stay calm and not 'get ahead of yourself'. The real you is still there, just a bit swamped by all the physical and emotional stuff right now.

    If you've any questions, or just want to 'let it all out' we're good listeners. There are always more people about on the Living With Arthritis forum. It doesn't matter that you're not sure if yours is arthritis or not. We're used to that. And/or you could ring our Helpline. They'll understand how you feel.

    Do keep in touch if it helps.
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