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I have OA in my spine, recently diagnosed, have been off sick a while. Have had referral to OH which looks promising. I am now not allowed back until they get in touch, presumably so they can set things in place. I think it is just a formality. I am having a phased return. So I will have to get my doctor to just sign me off sick, even if I feel okay. Has anyone been through this process? School are being really good. OH will be phoning me and requesting stuff from my doctor. I have asked for a copy of all reports. My doctor will not have much yet as I am still waiting on my referral. Just my long history of pain.


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    Hi Lolla..

    I have been through the procedure..
    A referral to Occy health is good as they are there to support you in the work place and to help if necessary, if they do not think you are ready for work they will say they will not force you to do anything you can't or don't want to do..I hope you get the support you need, any questions feel free to ask..
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    I am a teacher (three days a week now) not had OH in though so can't help. Xx
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