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Hi im new to this. My post is about my options not sure what to do are where to turn. My Arthritis is getting harder to hide and im becoming more tired. Im 24 got a job in a factory when i was 16,
I thought i was only going to be there for the summer but however im still here.
I didnt tell them of my RA. :oops: it wasnt as bad back then but now its taken its toll, What can my employer do, should i get a doctor to write about my RA because they can explain it better?
Any feed-back would be fantasic!


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    Hi Decky, this is only my opinion and others may disagree. I wouldnt tell them I had it when I started ,I would tel them I have developed it and it has got worse.
    You are telling them now so they are aware and they can implement changes where necessarry. It might be advisable to look at Access to Work (dwp) and be aware of disability employment laws.
    Not sure if they have an O/T or Occy Health department, they may ask them to advise/help.

    Hope all goes ok. You might qant to post this on living with forum as more of us go there.

    Take care.
    Clare xx
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    Thanks folks!!! this is helpful i'll have a look at the other site. :smile:
    i'll copy and paste this in the living with arthritis forum just so i'll get a bigger
    picture of what people think... Thanks again