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Well Kayleigh had her consultant's appointment today. She needs another MRI to find out what's happening with her jaw but the cons wants to her to try and have it awake this time. Then depending on outcome will probably do another steroid injection under a GA.

She is concerned about her headaches/migraines and said that children of 5 don't usually get diagnosed with migraines and she thinks it's more likely jaw pain radiating as headaches :???: Not sure about this tbh as if she wakes with a belly ache or at any time during the day starts with a belly ache within 4 hours she is is crying in pain with her head and the last headache she threw up. She also hates the light when she gets these headaches :(

Spent an hour in with her and all in all a good appointment.



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    Hi Michelle, it must be hard to see your child go through so much. I know my neck causes jaw pain and headaches that make me feel sick with the pain. I am unsure as to how it would affect a child though.

    I will be thinking of you as to have an mri awake is scary, do you think they would at least give her some anti anxiety meds??

    Maybe keeping a diary of the headaches may help pinpoint the cause??
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    Good luck with the MRI.

    There are some really good videos on youtube (American rather than British but still good) designed to show kids what's involved in an MRI and the sounds it's likely to make. Pip had one done about 18 months ago so she must have just been 6, and she did it with no meds.

    I could stand at the end and they had mirrors set up so she could see me at the end of the tunnel.

    She also had ear phones on while she was in there and we took in a CD for her to listen to. They suggested music but P chose a Ramona the Pest CD.