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Hi Everybody, I have been visiting here for a few weeks now and have finally decided to post about myself.
I am 31 yrs old and am waiting on an appointment to see Rhuematology, I have excessive swelling in the knuckles on my right hand and shooting pains travelling down my fingers. I have also recently been told I have carpal tunnel syndrome on the same side. I went to the doctors in June beg July with the swelling and he did blood tests but said that even if they were negative to come back if the swelling didn't go away as negative results didn't necessarily mean I didn't have RA. The blood tests were all negative but if anything my hand had got worse so I returned to the doctor and he has referred me to Rheumatoloogy I was told I would be seen within 12 weeks. By my reckoning I should've been seen by end of October but I have phoned the department and they I won't be til early December at the earliest. I have been back to the doctors and now have diclofenic and cocodomol for the pain but I just want a diagnosis. My hand is so swollen and sore some days that I find it hard to do silly things like pegging my washing or squeezing a shampoo bottle this morning I even struggled brushing my daughters tuggy hair! I am also dissappointed, as I was at the consultant about my carpal tunnel syndrome and they have now referred me for nerve ending tests and depending on the severity of the results I will have the operation to sort that out. I had hoped though that he would say the carpal tunnel and swelling in knuckles were all linked but he doesn't think so :sad: So I just wanted a bit of a moan really. The more I read independently the more I think it must be RA (am also getting pains in my toes now) and I just want it diagnosed so that I can get treated and start to feel normal again.
Anyway apparantly I am near the top of the list so hopefully my appt arrives soon!


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    Hi and welcome to the site. I hope your appt comes through soon. Rheumy depts are very overstretched, unfortunately. Have you tried a different nsaid? Different ones work better than others for some. It may help till the appt.

    In the meantime keep a note of your symptoms for the consultant. Note pain swelling and stiffness, how long and when etc, it all helps.
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    Hello Mummycleod

    I am very pleased to meet you even if it does mean you have arthritis.

    I do hope you get your appointment very soon - it's horrible waiting for treatment. I hope you DO get a diagnosis when you go, but l am here years later without a definite one!!

    Luckily they do treat me! You should get more than the meds you are already on...if they suspect inflammatory arthritis a DMARD disease modifying anti rheumatic drug.

    In the meantime join in and meet some of the folks. really we are all v nice :wink:


    Toni xx
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    Hello Malaya and welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy being with us too. What sort of arthritis do you have?

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