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Bad Knee - Is it really arthritis?

NomiNomi Member, NewlyRegistered Posts: 2

I wanted to ask your opinion and advice. About six years ago I was lifting something heavy and pulled the muscle in the back of my left knee. Within a couple of days it had swollen up to about three times the size and after a trip to the Dr I was signed off work for a month with instructions to rest it. The swelling went down slightly but has never gone away completely since it happened. After a few trips to the drs I was referred to the rheumatology clinic who put me on sulfasalazine tablets and told me to rest it and keep moving (i'm not sure how you do both at the same time!). After a while on those tablets and not much improvement I was put on methotrexate tablets which I have been on for about 3yrs now. My knee is still swollen, my other knee swells every now and then but only when the first one is bad (so possibly just putting more use on that one to ease up the other one). My knee also has a lumpy bit that pops out from under my kneecap when I move it, and I regularly trap my psciatic nerve when its really swollen. i also get shooting pains through my knee when I use the stairs.
After 4yrs of persuading I finally managed to see a physio who said I had fallen arches and that was at least a part of the problem. I have now got orthopedic insoles which have helped a lot but I still have a swollen knee. My question is,from your experiences do you think it is arthritis as the meds dont seem to help and my knee has never been back to what it used to be. I'm 24 I would like to be able to walk easily/kneel!/go to the gym (I cant work out consistently as any leg work makes my knee swell up more!)
Any advice/ opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the essay!



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