Permanent Disabilty

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Not sure if any one has knowledge of this

I work for a well known legal circus, I am due to retire on a full pension in 18mths, however due to my lack of mobility, increase in pain and the need for three op's including two THR's I have been put forward for an ill health pension early which will just mean I get it sooner and it's indexed linked.

In order to qualify I need to be classed as permanently disabled , ie have some disability that is permanent, I appreciate how good replacement parts are but I still won't be able to run or knell if i have two THR 's and a TKR so I would think I will have some disability that will be permanent and that is before my Rhumatoid Athritis/Gout symptoms. Also until I know the outcome of the op's how can they tell ??

My post is going in January and due to my limited mobility ,( I can walk 100yds) there are not many places they can post me also I won't be able to drive following surgery and they will need to spend out £60+ to transport me in each day ( access to work) so the bosses arguement is the reasonable adjustments &, faffing around finding me a post not worth it with only 18mths to go ( most of them I will be on sick leave) I have been classed disabled under the DDA.

I have been told the reason they will try not to grant it is because they will have to pay a penalty to the govt as it costs more , but it will cost them more keeping me .

Has anyone been classed as Permanently Disabled for pension purposes??


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    sorry can't help on that one but have you got a union rep at your firm or can you speak to citizen advice or welfare rights. Good luck and hope it goes well for you, sorry I can't help more with the problem.
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    Thanks but they are arguing that new hips and a new knee (possibly) will fix my disability so although I'm disabled now ,it will not be permanent.

    Rep not much help as it's a medical decision that has to be made by a Dr or panel of doctors saying I am permanently disabled and entitled to ILR