Telling new boss/colleagues about my arthritis

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This is the first time I've posted here, so Hello!

I am about to go back into employment 3 days a week after being quite unwell for a large part of this year. My condition is well controlled at the moment, so I feel ready, but I'm beginning to think about how I talk to my new boss and colleagues about my inflammatory arthritis. Do you have any tips for me?

Also, thoughts on how I make sure I negotiate everything I need in terms of a comfortable working environment etc would be greatly appreciated.


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    I went thro the same as you......
    I actually printed the booklet of here....( employers guide...i think?)and said to my line manager to have a read if she wanted as it explains a complicated condition!
    Do you have team briefs?....on my first day I actually told everyone what was wrong and that i was looking forward to being back....
    I find if you hide stuff everyone guesses about your upfront, welcome offers of coffees, lunch with collegues .....just so you dont feel left out......
    HR will prob tell your line manager to have reviews with you that are recorded...just for ' reasonable adjustments' and to feel like you are being supported....Good luck....its not easy...but i feel better for working...( most of the time... :???: )...xx
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    Thanks for the good advice and good wishes!

    I've put together a little collection of leaflets that might be useful, for HR too. I'll find or make opportunities to talk the team.

    I think you're absolutely right that the best plan is to talk about it in coversation, as it comes up, too - that's definitely the best way to help people understand what it actually means.

    I'm sure once I get there, things will flow, and it won't seem like such a big deal. xx