sorry ive been missing

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Sorry ive been missing for a couple of days , but we have a new addition to the house a little jack russell pup called Wilf , bit of a sudden thing , also had probs with the car last week when some idiot tried to duel fuel the car it doesent work , and didnt like it , nither did i being dumped at the service station because i could not climb into the towtruck glad i dont drive , my knee is not doing to bad i think still feels very raw internally but i suppose its because things have been cut and messed with feels like a sore graze but its bending well with the brace set at 90% hope alls well with you lot x
I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx


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    Hi Berty..
    Sorry things have been rubbish for you..
    Hope they start to improve soon :grin:
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    At least your knee is doing ok, May. It does feel sore inside for a time but it has been through some trauma, to say the least. Not so good news about the car - but lovely about the new addition to the family, you will be kept busy. :smile:

    Elna x
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    Oh Berty!!!!!!!!!!!!

    n020.gif a PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!

    what great news l bet he is keeping you busy.

    Sorry about the car though and you getting abandoned like that :sad:


    Toni xx

    Wilf :grin:
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    Hi Berty, Bet the pup is keeping you busy!! Glad the knee is on the mend! Keep us informed on how you and the new arrival get on and how the knee is! Get well soon. Amanda.xx
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    Oh Berty I love jack russels..we lost our little one a few years ago...I suppose it is still early days and you are bound to feel pain, I hope you feel alot better very soon....
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    Hi berty

    Sorry about the mishap at the service station and how very annoying for you.

    But hey, lovely news about the little pup, hard work I guess but he will be quick to learn I am sure.

    Take care
    Juliepf x