Im so stupid!

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Hi everyone

Im feeling a little stupid right now, was feeling a little better this morning so decided I would tackle some of the painting that has had to take a back seat over the last few weeks, so there I am merrily painting away the door paintbrush in one hand paint pot in the other, lost my footing and so deperatly trying not to get paint anywhere came crashing down on the floor (It was quite amazing - and I managed not to get any paint from the paintbrush anywhere or spill a drop of paint out of the tin :lol: ) after getting myself up and realising I have managed to twist both knees and my back I guess painting was not a good idea :roll: . So now I feel worse than I have done all week, my right knee is throbbing and I feel like im alot older than I actually am.

So now im cross with myself for trying to do the painting, im also cross with myself for falling over and not finishing the painting, and im feeling sad that I cant do things that I want to do.

Ok now ive got that off my chest, I hope your all doing ok and having a better day than me! - on the plus side I have booked myself in for an aromotherapy massage tomorrow so fingers crossed my knee is ok and I can drive to my appt!.

J xx
Julie xxx


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    aww thats not good... i know the feeling tho, we started decorating our small bathroom just before we went on holiday in september, my daughter took most of the old tiles off and i must admit i started it so once started it had to be finished... it took soooooooooo long cos i couldnt actually do anything... i took most off from around the sink then couldnt do anymore... lol... also when plastered and new tiles went up i said i would help with the lower bits of painting.... lol small areas only, then i said i would do the low glossing... i managed to do a door frame and a boxed in tile box... then that was it couldnt do skirting board...
    i dont get upset anymore im past it but its making me feel ike im much older then i am... i used to love to decorate and did it well... did my dads had my son beg me last year when he moved into his new flat... i did 6 drops straight forward striped wallpaper and as soon as it got to cutting round stuff i couldnt do it... my hands hate scissors... they hate paintbrushes and they hate carrying anything, cant lean on a ladder when standing on one as it kills my u have to learn im afraid dont do anything on ur own... dont be afraid to ask for help...
    love and hugs
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    Oh dear, it's so frustrating getting to grips with the stuff we could do easily that is now a problem -do take care of yourself, hope that you get that lovely massage and enjoy it.
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    You are not stupid, it's part of the arthritis learning curve. There are ways of tackling jobs we are used to doing but how we do them has to be re-thunk - and that usually means doing it slower, with more attention being given to the bits of us we don't normally think about. Hats off to you for doing some painting, well done on not spilling a drop, and take it easy this afternoon. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi Fedup
    You are not on your own, we all do daft things...I have fallen in love with paint pads...I know sad..but there you go....
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    Hello, I too find it frustrating not being able to do the decorating anymore, I've always done it and I enjoy it and there's so much that needs doing at the moment. There are lots of other things I can't do anymore or have to take time over or do in small bursts (even the ironing sometimes) I'm even thinking of getting a three wheeled walker thingy for when I go shopping as I'm starting to struggle. The problem is in our heads we can still do it but the body won't co-operate and therefore we feel older than we are and I hate having to ask for help. I have 2 son-in-laws and a son but still nothing gets done. It makes me mad because of everything I've done for them. I didn't do things for that reason but it would be nice to get payback now and again.
    Well done for not spilling the paint and I hope your knee eases up soon, enjoy your massage, that should help to relax you and ease the frustration.

    Sue x
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    Hi fedup

    You are not stupid, we can not give in to this disease and have to try these things. We then learn the things we can't do and try to find an alternative way to do the task.
    Chin up
    Love Juliepf x
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    Hey fedup

    Don't beat yourself up lass....we all do more than we should at times....and anyone could have had that fall you are not stoopid at all.

    I would have done exactly the same.

    You can decorate, but take your time and l do have to plan stuff out a bit more too these days. Took me about 2 months do decorate one of the kids' bedrooms. Would have been 3 days in the past :wink:


    Toni xx
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    I think it's great that you gave it a go. I do exactly the same every so often. We have soooo much decorating that needs finishing. And the more I look at it the more annoyed I get with myself.. Then I remember.. It can't be helped. It will still be there later if and when I'm able to do it.
    Hope the pains ease soon.
    Enjoy the message :grin:
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