Hello..I'm new!!!

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:grin: Just found out today that I have osteoarthritis...
I'm 49 and a very active person.

Trying to be positive and not reading too many doom and gloom stories.

Keep thinking I could have come away from the docs with much worse news!!

Off to the gym for some light exercise and keep walking the dog and hopefully I can keep this thing from overtaking my life!!
looking forward to getting to know everyone.....


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    Hi Jeannette

    Welcome to the forum. You don't say where you have the OA. You have the right attitude, it is best to keep positive and exercise is good - my motto is use it or lose it. :smile: Have you come away from the gp with any m edication to help you along? I am rather older than you and my OA started in my early thirties, looking back. I have had a few ops and steroid injections. I keep pretty well, I shall be 61 at the end of this year.

    Look forward to seeing your name around the forum. :grin:

    Elna x
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    hello Jeanette , and welcome to the forum , these things do come as a shock but at least you know you have it , sounds as if you have a good attitude to it by keeping active with light exercise , its not all doom and gloom ,there are a good mix of people on here and pocket duty is second to none , hugs are always available to those that want and one size fits all x
    I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx
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    Thank you very much for your replies!
    Elna, it's in both hips. Worse in my right one.

    On the doctors advise i'm just going to carry on taking painkillers
    for now until it gets too much. He did suggest not going down the
    injection route yet, as once you go down that route you cannot
    only take painkillers.

    I look forward to hearing all about this 'little problem' we all have and hope I can gain knowledge and pick your brains when needed.
    Jeanette x
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    Hi Jeanette

    Welcome to the forum from me too. I have Ra so can't really comment on OA. Just to say gentle exercise sounds good and sounds like you have a plan and a good positive attiitude.

    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    Hi there Jeanette

    Good to meet you - sorry about the news though :sad:

    Totally agree with you no need to feel too gloomy the upside is you'll meet us lot :wink:

    I keep swimming regularly and walk when the weather is good and my husband is prepared to come with me (not got a dog!)


    toni xx
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    Hi Jeanette
    And a very warm welcome to this lovely forum, and I do love your attitude, you carry on doing what you love, but slightly lighter like you say.
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    welcome from me too.
    I hope that your OA stays as is for many years.. It doesn't always decline quickly so I really hope that is true for ya :wink:
    Best wishes
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    Welcome to our mad world :wink:

    Good place to meet others who understand. We all may not have the same condition and if we do it varies so much. I have met some lovely people on this forum ( yes Tony that includes you) who offer support if you need it and have a laugh on chi chat for light relief.
    Will be around and will say hi

    Happy dog walking, My cats wont do that :smile:
    Take care
    Clare xx
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    hi we all differ so much that what helps one might not another but we do know exercise helps so keep going even if it only stretches it does help if you get swelling try ice wrapped in towel if stiff try wheat bags good luck val
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    :lol: Once again, how lovely it was to get replies!!

    Can I ask.......

    Is there anything I should be doing or more importantly is there anything I shouldn't be???

    I know I could be ok for another 30 years (here's hoping eh?)
    but I don't want to go off doing something stupid that may just
    help this thing speed along and 'get me'

    I look forward to hearing your advice

    Up the ladder today painting!!! :P
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    Hi Jeanette, welcome to the forum. I'm also a new member and am waiting for a diagnoses. We are also the same age, well until I reach 50 next month lol I have suspected arthritis in my elbows and knees, really bad in my knee's right now. You will get lots of support and lovely members sharing their experiences here. :smile:

    Jackie xx
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