Email Scam, beware.

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Hi all, an email warning, please take note.

My partner has recieved an email addressed very similar to a friend of hers. It said' please help me, i am in spain and have been robbed at gun point. My credit cards, money and cell have been stolen. I need help to get home,and pay my hotel bill, please send money via western bank'.
This was not her friend but a scam please ensure you dont send money and report any to your email provider and action fraud. Forward copies of these email to them at :
[email protected]

Hope you are all ok.
Take care
Clare xx


  • valval
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    mate at work had one he knew it was not person it was suposed to be as started in a way she would never have started it val
  • dreamdaisy
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    Thank you for the warning Clare, it is much appreciated. DD
  • Turbogran
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    Thanks for the warning Clare
  • cthornley
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    Thanks ...i've already had one of these sent though from a hacked e-mail account of a fellow professional.
    Even if I hadn't realised immediately alarm bells would have rang because it was a guy I only know through work so i'd be so far down on the pecking order of people to come to for help that it was ridiculous. :roll:

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