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How caring is my hubby,went to the local market this morning and brought me back 2 kilos of fresh mussels,he cant abide them his self,shall just cook them and salt,pepper and vinegar and crusty bread.How would you eat yours?Mig


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    I wouldn't eat them ! Used to adore mussels but these days have a delicate stomach . Isn't it wonderful , though to have such a thoughtful hubby who does these " little " things to make you happy ? I am also fortunate in having found my gorgeous soulmate ; don't ever take him for granted , we're very very lucky to have them to love and care for us . Jillyb
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    Mig, that's true devotion in action :grin: I hope you enjoy the mussels. I would have them as Del has posted. Del-icious :!: :grin:

    Best ones I've ever eaten were in Bruges, with a glass of Belgian beer to wash them down :grin:
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    I don't think you should be attempting to eat ALL of them by yourself, I reckon some help is needed. What time's dinner? I'll bring a bottle os summat lovely - Lucozade OK? DD

    PS What a lovely thought by Mr Mig.
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    would not eat them as mum used to cook them and can not stand the smell of them cooking lol but he did such a lovely thing for you give him an extra cuddle val