Polish off the Zimmer frame

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I have just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in both my hips !! what a shock to my system that was !!! there i was thinking i was young and sprightly (im 63) and then whammo i'm creaking and groaning like an old garden gate...i'm not a couch potato, im really quite active, i look after my three year old Grandson each week, and so i felt as fit as a fiddle (mostly lol), anyway now here i am wondering what the heck ive got myself into here, and wondering if i should get my hubby to clear out the garage in preparation for the electric scooter that he might have to treat me too.. :lol: of course he has promised me he will paint "go faster stripes" on it when the time comes.. so thats something to look forward to i suppose.....as you can tell i am trying to keep a positive outlook and not lose my sense of humour here, so hello everyone its good to meet you


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    Hi Jewel

    Welcome to the forum. This is an introductory zone and not so many people look in on this one.

    Why not copy and paste your thread onto the Living with Arthritis zone, that is where more people hang out. Also the Chitchat zone, if that rocks your boat.

    Grandchildren are lovely aren't they, but they do wear one out! I have OA and have had both knees done. Just getting over a spine op, neck end at the moment. :roll: I will be 61 at the end of this year. :smile:

    Please do not lose your sense of humour, it does help greatly and laughter is a good tonic too.

    I hope to see you posting more,

    Elna x
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    Hi Barbara

    Lovely to meet you.

    there are a fair few on here who use humour like yours to keep cheerful. One l know has 'pimped' her scooter :lol: She will know ho l mean.

    Absolutely right no need at all to give in to this. You are a young and sprightly 63 :grin:


    toni xx