just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis

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I have just been told that i have got osteoarthritis along with lymes a while back. I have it in my hips and lower back
Any one have any advice


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    hi a lot of us have some oa but i can not help out except exercise does help keeping muscles around joints strong good luck val
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    Welcome to the forum :-)

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    Hello dcl79, it's nice to meet you tho I am sorry you have had to find us. I have no advice as such, although I have OA in my knees (and I think my ankles) and an inflammatory arthritis (PA) I do not have Lymes Disease. Exercise is usally recommended for OA but how that applies to your affected areas I do not know. Perhaps a discussion with your GP would help - they treat OA and should be clued up about this. I wish you well. DD
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    Yep, I'll say a few things, whatever you do to enjoy yourself, keep doing it, whatever exercise you like, keep doing it, whatever interests you have in life, keep doing them. You may have to modify the way you do things, just don't stop or you will regret it and your body will be in a slow decline which doesn't do much for your mental state. OA is just an illness not a way of life!
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    Very sage advice for us all Airwave, thank you!