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Jesus you can't make it up can you, I've been hounded by HR for 3 and a half years but thank god the company Doctor agreed to ill health me, he's written to the evil queen of HR telling her so that was 10 days ago, finally she and the head of operations have now forwarded the request to ill health me to the pension trusties, I was called to his office yesterday why he couldn't phone me God knows but anyway it's done but get this he informed me my notice will be 3 months!, now do they want to get shot of me or what?, Jesus you can't make it up the've been treating me like a cockroach on a white carpet but now want me to hang around until the end of January 2012!, the place shuts soon so why suddenly drag feet?, he also asked me if I was OK with the ill health retirment request!, like I've got an option it's either that or sacked under capability.
I almost said "no I'm not!, I want you both to sack me like you've been threatening too since 2008 you moron", but what's the point logic doesn't exist where I work these days, I've seen this before, Harwell slowly died from stupidity cancer over many years of reduced funding and the same reverse logic illness is starting to thrive there so it's seems to be common in places that are near the end of their lives.
I think it's as the pond shrinks the smart ones f off and so the concentration of morons who are wannabe bosses increases expodentially to the size reduction of the pond they get the jobs as the managment are desperate for warm bodies but it's really a bad idea they should really demote anyone who applies, in the end we willl reach thickical mass and the whole place will cease to fuction due to their stupitiy winning out over logic, seen it before, thank god I'm getting out some time in the next new year.


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    Hi Del yeah I thought about doing that but still now I feel I must try and keep going in to do my best am I mad or wot?, I am totally wired wrong it's this attitude that wore my knees out in the first place, I feel so guilty about not trying enough yet if I do I know full well what will happen ie a flare but the thought of that still doesn't stop my mind set, only when I have a bad attack do I finally go sick and even then again I still feel like I'm a wimp and a looser.
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    mel go on sick if you can afford it do not let them make you worse than you are pal it not worth it ((())) val
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    I'd go off sick too..
    They have not been the best they could have been to you, so i see it as you don't owe them anything..
    Take care
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    delboy wrote:
    I used to be like that Mell but events soured me to an extent that I couldn't wait to get out, only took a few days once it was agreed.

    Sounds like your mob are just control freaks, still there's always the Xmas party and laxative chocolate :wink:

    This sould just like my manager at work...... but my manager come across as not been able to read as well.... :oops: