am so down

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:sad: How have i got myself into this state im so low, had a terrible night with panic attacks and pain trying to move my ankles and feet to find the coldest part of the sheet to ease some of the pain, my bro who lives with me is totally ignorant to what is going on even though he came into rheumy app with me and was told what i would be going through, ive been in tears this morning with him saying it seems to have got worse since ive been diagnosed( it has remained the same its just now i have diagnosis im able to talk about it without feeling im complaining about something that might be in my head) so im feeling rock bottom, nowhere to turn to, no one to speak to and so alone, think ive got to go doc as pain is getting worse last time i mentioned it to doc he put me on predisolone 2daily they arent working im taking 8 cocos a day and on methotraxate 2nd dose tomorrow, i feel im in a constant battle mentally and physically, i have to push myself to get the housework done as have always had pride in my home and to be honest i feel like giving up :sad: