methotrexate and hip replacement

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Hi I am a 43 year old due to have hip replacement in 2 weeks. Have been off my methotrexate as have had shingles and infection recently but about to recommence injections. i am concerned about the methotrexate and surgery, antibiotics etc and was wondering if anyone else with RA has been through the same op and if they have any hints and tips on how to cope!

Many thanks


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    hi can not help but wanted to say good luck sure will all go well val
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    Just wishing you good luck with the op ; suggest you phone your rheumy nurse for advice about the meds . Jillyb
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    I can't help either but I agree that you should contact your nurse for advise on your meds before your op.
    Some one will be along who can offer you help.
    Good luck with your op,you'll be fine.
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    I think you need specific advice from your own surgeon.

    If l remember rightly often those on here have had different advice :roll:

    Typical eh?

    anyway the very best of luck with the op :shock:

    Janet have you seen the nospitals thread? It's full of tips for those going in. Worth a peek l reckon.

    Toni xx
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    Have they not told you to come off MTX? I had to stop some 6 weeks prior to my THR and wait for permission to restart. I think you need to let your surgeon know because it is usual procedure to stop. If the rules have changed then at least you have made them aware.
    Also tell them about the recent infection, antibiotics and shingles too. Better safe then sorry.

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    Hi Janet

    When I had my amputation 7 yr ago I didn't stop any of my meds (meth included) BUT...I am awaiting surgery on my spine/neck and this surgeon told me to come off the meth one week before.

    Everyone's surgeon and rhummy peeps have different opinions, I think it would be safer to ask your own surgeon about this one.

    I wish you well and a speedy recovery

    Juliepf x
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    Sorry I cant help, Im sure your GP will advise you..but I just want to add my support and say good luck with your op.
    You take care
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    thanks everyone, i seem to get conflicting advice from different parties will also try preop nurses again given recent developments