Stress & RA

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Hi All. Me again.

Am having some stress atm. My RA seems to be worse.
Does this happen with RA & stress?



  • valval
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    yes not sure why but arther is made worse with arther and hormone changes lol
  • elnafinn
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    I have a very strong suspicion that unfortunatley stress aggravates any conditions that you may have, it does not necessrily need to be a form of arthritis.

    Elna x
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  • jillyb1
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    Yes , indeed , stress and arther are very good friends and seem to go everywhere together . Jillyb
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    Yes definetly, ive been depressed/stressed/sad for about 3 years now, and im only 16! try to stay positive, thats what im doing, things can only get better!

    Rhys xx