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I have bad OA in the hands.

abacusshetlandsabacusshetlands Member Posts: 2
I have had arthritis in the hands for five and half years now, geting worse, Moved from the fingers to the thumbs a couple of years ago and now into the wrists, so painful to do anything with my hands. My GP has never really taken any notice unless I really tell him how bad it is. I have at last had xrays where it was diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis until I went to see the consultant at the hospital about 10 weeks later and he says it is oesteoarthritis. Nothing he can do, he says, when it gets worse (how bad does it have to be?), I can have the joints replaced or the joints fused. I have been referred to a physiotherapist you may be able to help with splints. I am on painkillers and anti-inflammatories 24/7 and something for my stomach. I need to use my hands as everyone does, and I am finding it increasingly painful and differcult and I am pretty depressed about it. I do not believe this can be wear and tear and something must be causing my hands to go like this, but I cannot find any answers. Are there any avenues I can follow to help my hands? Jill


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