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Morning all,

Does anyone else have a problem with the clocks changing? I woke up early yesterday and today, I don't really want to be getting out of bed at the crack of dawn, any suggestions? The weather is really awful here today, grey and miserable so it seems a bit strange that I'm going shopping for sunglasses with my daughter-in-law, but it might be sunny tomorrow :lol::lol::lol:



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    No trouble whatsoever, I woke at 7.50am yesterday and today, my usual waking up time, and on both days chose to get up rather than go back to sleep! I like the lighter mornings again, that does help to get my day off to a better start. DD
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    Well nanasue I went to bed at 8.50 last night. (real other time 9.50)
    and for the first time in a while slept quite well.
    I needed the extra hour at bed time, not iin the morning.

    The only other trouble is, once you have disturbed one clock in this house it takes the huff and decides to stop regular during that day. (its ok today :lol: )

    juliepf x
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    hi Sue i know the feeling well my bodyclock runs on rubber bands and cotton bobbins :lol: i never notice the extra hour just seem to loose it at both ends , midday is very often an eye closing time i have to fight x
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    I'm near Hemel Sue. It is quite warm today and above average for this time of year but looks like rain. The clocks seemed to have messed me up and I went back to bed this morning. It was just too early for me.

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    We are having a bit of a detox at the moment No booze for over a week Got to say never slept better for years :smile::smile:
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    I had a long lie on Sunday and then realised it was clocks back so had another snooze just to get the benefit of the extra hour and got up at 1pm lol well I did have a party on Sat night. I don't seem to struggle on the dark mornings I hate when 7am alarm goes off for hubbys work and it's still dark outside but then again I have prob been wakened up several times with pain so by that time of morning I am shattered and wanting to sleep. If I aint having a flare I am usually awake before any alarm goes off and raring to go.