today feel

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like have been run over by steam roller think it reverced as well not sure what hurts but would be much easyer to say what does not lol no swelling just stiff and pain.
have booked next week off work, so am going for injection and get some xmas shopping done lol watch this space bet do not get hald done i want to lol val


  • traluvie
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    Hi Val...

    Sorry your having a bad day..
    I feel like i have been run over by a bus.. :lol: so we can bothe feel deflated together lol..
    Week off work something to look forward too, not sure about the christmas i will be ding mine online this year will not be able to manage crutches and bags , maybe could borrow santa's sleigh and reindeers lol..x
    Hope you feel better soon..x (((((X)))))
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    HI Val hope the injection helps just dont push with the shopping take a goffa to carry the bags, my crissy shop will be down the route of the parents , getting what the kids want and i will do the wrapping :lol:
  • valval
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    did some sat think that why feel so yuk today but got to do some as normally done by now but get up and go got up and went lol
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    Take it easy Val still 50 shopping days to go till Christmas(I think)
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    Aw Val, sorry the day isn't good for you :sad:

    Hope tomorrow is better and that you soon get the jab.
    Christmas shopping,,,,yipeee....hope you have a list

    Juliepf x
  • valval
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    will make one for next week lol feel like sleeping lol butter finnish cup of tea one at dinner went cold as fell asleep before work good job i set phone alarm just incase