Gallbladder surgery

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Pl I would like members to share their experiences with me if anybody from this forum had gallbladder surgery? I am 13 days post-op but was given the impression I will not suffer from any side-effects. The op went ok as day patient, fortunately arthritis did not play up, did not notice any more arthritic pain for the first three days of op. I guess, cannot complain, took painkillers for the first three days and the scars, 4 small ones, the bigger one is less than 2 cms. It is just tummy does not feel quite right, I know it is too early to assess but surgeon told me I can eat normal diet. Was also surprsed there is not follow up appointment at the clinic.Thanks


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    I think lucy145 had her gallbladder our earlier this year but she has not posted for ages - hopefully that means that she is OK (she was in the early stages of RA). It seems odd to me that there is no follow-up appointment but if you are not feeling quite right then perhaps to the GPs could be in order? I hope you feel better soon and I wish you well with your recovery. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    hiya had mine out 3-5 years ago (knee was replaced 4 years and cant remember if i had gallbladder out before or after... )
    healed really quickly, surgeon saw me walking to the loo later that same day he told me he was very pleased to see me up and about.. to scared of DVT so i dont hang about after surgery (lost my mum through one)
    think u need a bit longer to let things settle but if not right see ur Dr, i think if i remember rightly your tummy gets blown up a bit so they can see what theyre doing and the effects of that are a bit strange, think of it as they go thru near to the belly button then wiggle instruments about,
    think they may send follow up through the post if any...
    hope you stay painfree etc and all is sorted dam gallstones are so nasty and soooooooooooooooooo painful... mine caught up with me as our flight to orlando was about an hour to land... sickness upset stomach and then the pain started as we were waking through immigration was unbearable... not kidding i have had 6 kids and would have them all again to the pain i felt with gallstones... luckily they gave me stuff to settle stomach down... had it out when we came home (in florida 5 hours hospital care/paramedics etc cost $4,000 £2,000
    happy days ahead xx
    love and hugs
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    Hello Marie I have returned your PM :)
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    Hi Marie

    no personal experience to offer just a bit of sympathy and hope thinsg pick up for you very soon.

    Leisa's story is very useful and reassurring.

    If l were you though l would give it a bit longer and if things are still feeling 'not right' l would check with my own GP.


    Toni xx
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    Hello Marie, Had my gallbladder removed several years ago, had mine as urgent surgery after been brought into A & E with terrible pain. I had inpacted gallstones and one was blocking the tube to my liver.
    The op was key-hole surgery like yourself and was amazed how much better I felt when I came round. Had some stomach discomfort but that is expected when you have any surgery and my stomach had been filled with gas.
    After effects, the only thing that has happened since having the surgery is I have become diary intolerant which they say can happen very rarely.
    If you want to ask me any questions or just chat about it you can PM me anytime. Amanda/bubbadog.