massive thankyou

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just wanted to say thankyou to you all for such a great forum and all the advice, info, friendship, shoulders etc you all give to each other it is so nice to have a place to come to where others understand what you are going through and help make your day a bit better by being there for you. I have learned so much about RA and how it effects others and that we all feel the same at times. Over the last week I have picked up so many tips and found out new treatments that I would never have known about and today got pain patches from doc and I would never have known to ask about them had it not been for here. So thanks everyone and I hope I can be there for you too :smile:


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    so gald we have been of help have noticed you are doing a great job of suporting others as well good on you val
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    Hiya, what a lovely thing to post.
    Think you will get a lot and give a lot to this forum.

    All the best
    Clare xxeyeore-1.jpg
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    You are more than welcome, BikerAngel, this is what AC is all about. It is a grand place and it has changed my life, without a doubt. It helps me so much to talk to others who have an idea about what I am facing and if I can support others in return then I will. I am the only arthritic one in our social group - a distinction I could well do without! DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi Tracey
    You are more then welcome, it is a brilliant forum for advice and support...and it is lovely of you to say so.
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    It is a great place Tracey as you have noticed..
    With wonderful people who understand and can support others..
    Makes the world of difference to so many, i'd be in a nut house i reckon if it wasn't for the forum :lol: xx
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    Hi, glad to hear that things are better for you. Being in pain is no fun and it helps to share. :grin:
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    (((hugs))) :grin:
    love and hugs
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    Fanku Tracey

    saw your other thread though.....hope you can sort the patches out :???: Or it settles for you.

    Love and hugs

    Toni xx
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    Thank you Tracey.
    that is why the forum is so good we all help one another as its only people who have arther that knows what its like
    to have it.
    you enjoy it and take care.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi BikerAngel, Glad you talked with others and got advise that has helped. And you find the forum useful to you. And now you are trying a pain relief that was mentioned to you that you didn't know about. I'm so pleased for you. Hope the site can continue to be helpful to you.