Questioin on Leflunomide

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Hi everyone. Sorry I've not been on for a while.
I have been on Leflunomide along with Prednisalone, Hydroxychloroquine and MTX. I was on Voltarol as well but I have cut that out as an experiment.
Anyway I have not had any side effects as far as I can tell. However, I have noticed I've had a lot of bad headaches lately and wondered if anyone else on this drug has had the same. (I do get migraines anyway)


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    Hi Anita

    I am on leflunomide,methotrexate,hydroxy and a couple of others

    but I can honestly say I don't get headaches with taking these meds.

    (my headaches are related to my neck problem)

    I would speak to your gp if they become regular

    Take care, love Juliepf x
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    I had to stop lef due to headaches. I did try to carry on with it but in the end they became too much. If these headaches feel different to your migraine or any other sort of headache you may have then it could well be the lef that is responsible. Maybe a chat with your rheumatology nurse could be timely? I hope you find an answer soon and I wish you well. DD
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    Thanks for your replies ladies.
    I'm seeing my rhuemy nurse next week for a check up to see how I'm getting on with them so I will mention it.