Stopping Enbrel for an Op

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Just in case anyone else goes through this but got told yesterday that if your child is having an op (not steroid injections) then they are to stop taking enbrel for two weeks prior.

Kayleigh was supposed to have her adenoids out and grommets in today but happened to bump into her consultant yesterday when we picked up her new shoes who said I hope she's stopped her meds. Come again was my reply. Never mind the fact that 3 weeks ago we saw her grrrr and nothing was mentioned.

So she called up Bristol who said no she can't have her op so it got cancelled so going to have to wait all over again and gear her up again :(

Hope no one else needs an op but if they do please bare this in mind don't want anyone else going through what we just did :(



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    awe thats not good I hope you don't have to wait too long for another appointment and all goes well for her x
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    Oh Michelle, that was indeed a bad error on behalf of the medics, not to let you know that in advance of the operation. I am so sorry that has happened.

    Poor Kayleigh too as she was probably geared up as much as possible for this op. Aw, what a terrible let down for you both.

    It is so kind of you to let others know about this.

    Elna x
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    Michelle, I am sorry to hear this, it must have added to your anxiety. I hope the new date comes through quickly.

    Have you thought of making a complaint?? Surely they should have thought of these things, it is a childs welfare at stake.

    Thinking of you.