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I have seen my GP this week, after a lot of putting it off, about my painful hands and wrists. She has sent me for xrays, and I have had lots of bloods done today (rheumatoid factor, esr, full blood count, bone, vit D etc..) She has asked me to go back in a week for the results, and she will either treat me herself or refer to a Rheumatologist.
Will these bloods be able to tell if it is RA or any other type of arthritis? What will happen if the bloods and x rays don`t show anything? I am really struggling with the pain and loss of grip and am feeling really low.
I have OA in my hip/back and have had a LTHR due to OA.


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    Thanks for your post. When you have fairly extensive osteoarthritis and you start to get what seems like arthritis in other places the biggest likelihood is that there may be more osteoarthritis. So the test that would show that would be the x-ray. The blood tests would be looking for signs of the rarer immune system (inflammatory) arthritis conditions. It may be worth asking the GP if your symptoms are indicative of a particular kind of arthritis, as they may have a hypothesis. Many GPs will make a diagnosis of osteoarthritis without getting x-rays. You might ask the GP whether they would consider referring you a musculoskeletal clinic if you are having functional problems with your hands.

    Physiotherapists are often very helpful with the self management of hand problems. We've got some excellent articles in hard copy, if you email [email protected] with your name and address saying hand information we'll send you a pack.

    I hope that is helpful.

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    Thanks Guy
    It was helpful and I`m not sure why it posted twice!!

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