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Have just registered & am looking forward to joining in. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 21 years, after the birth of my son and at the moment am feeling thoroughly fed up and sorry for myself!! I have just had a triple arthrodesis op & am also going through a mega flare up.


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    Hi and welcome to the forum..
    Sorry to hear your going through a bad time aty the moment..
    You have come to the right place where people understand eachother and can help and support, .
    It's natural to feel down, we have a lot to deal with, and it can get very frustrating at times, but you are not on your own..
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. I hope you find it as helpful as I have!!
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    Hi Lupin

    welcome to the forums from me.

    The folks on here are lovely and you will be welcomed wherever you decide to join in.

    Hope you are recovering ok from your op and that the flare decides to naff off very very soon :wink: .

    Hope to see you around


    toni xx