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Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm new here and I hope you will treat me well :smile:
I hope I can talk to some nice people and maybe even make friends 'cause I'm feeling a bit lonely and friendless recently...
I'm 33, married to a great guy and hoping my RA will leave me alone (yeah right). Have been suffering for the last 7 years and getting steadily worse.
Not having a great day today as my left foot is playing up.
So, take care everyone.


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    Hello Nesia and welcome to the forum. Of course we'll treat you well but I'm sorry you had to find us. I have RA too and it's no joke. If you are married to a good 'un though that's a big plus. Me too - but don't tell him I said so.

    There is no need to ever feel lonely and friendless while you're on here. we all understand the pain and frustration and, believe me, there are some good, kind folk on here.

    Just wander about and join in wherever you wish. Most people hang out on LWA and Chit Chat. If you've any questions, ask them. Or just post something on someone else's thread. All the best. SW
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    Hi Neisa,

    Welcome to the forum,
    I am 32 with OA and inflammatory arthritis, i like you have a great partner which makes life easier when you are struggling..
    The good thing about the forum is that we understand eachother..
    Look forward to seeing you around and i hope your foot eases up soon..x
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    Hi Nesia

    welcome to the forums form me.

    Of course we will treat you well :wink:

    Take a look around the forums and join in wherever you like.


    Toni xx
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    Hi all,
    Big thanks for welcoming me and for the nice words. It is very encouraging. I will look around first and join in later for sure.
    Left foot left me alone :lol: and feeling much better now. Will go and read up now.