Had to give up work, but i dont know if its the right move

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Hi all.
I am new hear. I am 29, and have severe RA. I struggle to walk anywhere especially with out my stick. I have had RA for the last 7 - 89 years, and it has only got worse over the years, although there are times when i have been better than others. For the last 3 (almost 4) years i was running my own buisness as a maintenance contractor, and was told that i had to give the buisness up my my OT, as well as my doc, as the type of work i was doing was putting too much strain on my joints. I have now stopped tradding, and spend pritty much all my time stuck in the house as now, and i have been getting depressed. The doc has offered me anti-depressants, but i have not taken them as yet. I have worked all my life since i left college, and i just dont know what to do at the moment. I am getting Employment Support Allowance, but i just dont know how people can live of £67.50 a week. My welfare officer is applying for DLA for me, so this is ongoing, and i am waiting to hear the results. At times i wonder if i should try and find a full time job, to try and make a better living for me, my parter (who works part time) and my son who is 17 months old. What i am afraid of, is that people will not employ me becuase of my disability, and that i can take me several hours to get moving in the morning, and that i have hospital appointments and doctor appointments all the time, so i would need to dissapear for them. At the moent i just do not know what to do.
I am now classed as disabled as i have my disabled badge, and i am also getting working tax credits as well as child tax credits. I am also waiting to hear back from the council regarinf tax and rent benefits. Is there any thing else that i can apply for to live off of, as the only thing that i get to my self is the Employment support allowance, but i have to givve the bulk of that to my parter to help pay the bills and to look after my son. I just dont know what to do now.

Sorry if this seems a bit lengthy, but i thought that you should know all the facts.



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    Hi Stu,

    No need to apologise for the rant..
    We all need to do it..
    I have just replied to your hello post and explained that i lno longer work either..
    It is a struggle financially but my body is much better since not having the stress of dragging myself to work or calling in sick again..
    I think in regards to money and what you can claim you are doing all the right things, i am currently appealing my ESA as they say i am fit for work, tax credits i get and am applying for DLA with help of citizens advice.My partner works full time so i have to pay full rent and council tax..
    Sounds like your body doesn't want to work although your mind wants too, i am a bit like that, have worked all my life and now i am stuck in the house most days struggling to walk,,,
    I think you can talk to an advisor at the jobcentre who deals with disabled people maybe they can help a bit more..
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    Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for the reply. Basically yeh, my mind wants to carry on working but my body does not lol.

    When i left college after gaining a HND in Computing Support, i went on to
    Working in a garden centre
    Became a Ware house manager in Homebase
    Then a Courier Driver
    Then Woked in a car parts supplier
    Then became a Assistant manager in a car garage, running across uk collecting cars and doing all the repairs
    I then worked for a while both in shore and off shore on the fishing boats
    and then i ran my own buisness as a maintenance contractor, doing gardening, decorating, various house repairs ect, and this is whne i was adviced to give up work.

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    You thought about doing just odd jobs for people/family friends who know your situation, and would understand if you had to cancel..I am sure with ESA you can work so many hours(10 hrs)
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    i have had RA for aprox 4 years.....and im currently off work sick awaiting to start Enbrel...
    Im sorry you are feeling so down...it is life changing to have RA and I think we all go through a process of grieving for our old , well life....
    You sound like you are doing everything you can regarding benefits and I just want to wish you well...post on here during good and bad times...its what we are here for..... :P x
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    Hi Stuart

    I know you want to work but unsure how your health will be if you work. What about a bit of voluntary work? You can then guage how your health would be and gets you out of the house for a bit and builds up confidence, self esteem. Depending on the hours, it shouldn't affect your ESA

    I hope you do get DLA, money worries are not helpful either for your RA.

    Jobcentre provides advice as well by means of a disability advisor

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    Hi Stu
    I know how you feel mate, I am currently recovering from a hip operation and have been off work since last July and to be honest I am unsure whether I will be able to go back or not and to be honest my pain has receded a touch since I have not been pushing my body through the pain barrier everyday to earn a living, I was on Embrel up until my OP but to be honest it made no difference to me at all !! Sometimes you have to sit back and access what is best for you long term I have always been guilty of pushing too hard and not worrying about long term effects on my health :shock: I am now paying for those years :roll: Get advice from the CAB they have helped me big time.