What do i do stay on incapacity or esa not sure?

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Hi dont know how to word this really so bare with me please, been diagnosed with RA and have sciatica on top of it all, i am currently on Incapacity benefit and have been for 2 years as ive had some mental health issues, i still have to go get sick notes as io was working fulltime in an opticians upto then, do i have to inform benefits about my RA as i find myself fearful and at the point of knowing i couldnt hold down a fulltime /part time job as i can never say when im going to get a good day and feel ok im really stressed about this as i feel my life and working will in my mind have to become a thing of the past, the only other option i have found myself thinking is probably volunteering for charity work if and when able any advice would be really appreciated thanks guys and gals :sad:


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    Sorry to hear about your problems but I think ESA is replacing Incapacity although I could be wrong on that. I would speak to CAB about your concerns but in my opinion it is mostly best to volunteer information especially in this case you may find it benefits you.
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    Rich is right ESA is replacing IB.

    It really depends on what you want to do. Volunteering is a good way to keep yourself in a routine and doesn't give you the pressure of having to go in when you are too ill. I personally think volunteering is an excellent thing to do as it also gets you out meeting new people and gives you extra skills.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Pink x