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These people will never stop until I leave them. I got a letter from them today saying that they are concern about my sick absence and current state of health (as if they cared about my health) :lol: Also my possible retune to work and support required to achieve this, in accordance with my medical certificate which state you are fit for work with restrictions. :|
My GP said on my last medical note that I may be fit for work with altered hours and workplace adaptations GP also said that I am awaiting a referral to OH again. Had assessment done in 2008 but still awaiting workplace adaptations? :cry:
That is what has been on most of my GP’s note to them. They are just ignoring all of this. Also no mentioned of how they are going to help me, they have told me that they would make adjustments last year and not been done for me. Their game now is it to exacerbate me so much that I will kick the bucket and that would make them very happy.

I have sent them a long 2 page letter last week after the first letter I sent them and the have chosen to ignore that letter. I would like to send them a nasty reply, but have to be careful, what should I say to them that will get to them as they are getting to me. :|


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    delboy wrote:
    Just tell them they are failing to comply with the Equalities Act and that you are taking advice. That should make them sit up and think.

    Thanks Delbly, I think I will do that, my last long 2 page letter to them last week I pointed out the discriminations against me as well victimisation as well. They have chosen to ignore that letter. :cry: