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Ideas for inflammation in hip?

GraceBGraceB Posts: 1,598

I've been diagnosed with inflammation deep in my right hip following x-rays, with some muscular issues there. (Have OA in all my other weight bearing joints with a TKR in the right knee, I'm 46). I have no idea what I've done to cause this.

I can't take prescription anti-inflamms as I'm allergic to them. GP increased my meds to 8x 50mg Tramadol daily and 8x 500mg Paracetamol daily but the pain in breaking through this massive dosage.

At the suggestion of my osteopath I tried herbal anti-inflamms (devils claw) but after 3 days these seem to have made things worse so I've now stopped those! Can you suggest anything else I can try please?

I'm due to see GP again 06.12.11 to discuss how I'm getting on and possibility of physio and a change of meds, but she wouldn't do the meds change yet as she said I'd be like a zombie and I'm working.

I'm icing the joint regularly and also using heat - and heat seems to be more effective.

This is starting to get me down so any ideas would be gratefully received.
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