RA and Carpal Tunnel

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I was diagnosed with RA in my hands in February of this year and now take medication for this.

At my last appointment with my consultant I mentioned that I had a tingling/pins and needles sensation in my left hand, he said that as well as RA in the hands I now have carpal tunnel and prescribed amilytriptilne to be taken at night.

He didn't really expand on the diagnosis and I'm afraid I'm hopeless at apppointments - I don't seem to fully take in what the consultant says!!

Can you advise me - is RA connected to carpal tunnel. Do you have any info on Carpal Tunnel or can you recommend any websites to visit?

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    I have carpal tunnel caused by RA. For me it is caused by inflammation causing swelling that crushes the nerves and that causes the tingling/pins and needles. When my RA is well controlled the symptoms go and they return when the inflammation is out of control again. It is usual to have a nerve conduction test to make sure that it really is carpal tunnel and not something else.
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    Dear Bebob (and thanks Scattered),
    I'm attaching a link to information on carpel tunnel.
    We can send you a full information pack which gives plenty of self management information if you email us with your name and address (to [email protected] - mentioning RA & carpel tunnel.) We also would be happy to talk to you if you'd like to ring - some people like to prepare for the meeting with the consultant by rehearsing their questions over the phone with us, for example.)

    If there's anything else you'd like to talk over or find out, just get in touch.
    I hope that's helpful

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