Ankylosing spondylitis, Where do I stand with work, benefits

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I am 26 and have recently been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, and will be starting on Humira in Jan. It also affects my chest, jaw, sacroiliac joints, and I feel tired all the time. I was living in London, working in Fashion but have given up my job and am now living back home with my Mum. Once I start on the anti-tnf I want to get back to work, but dont know if I will be able to work full time? And should I tell prospective employers I have this condition? Or will no one want to employ me?! If I work part-time can I claim other benefits? I just dont know where I stand or what I can claim. At the minute I am claiming support, but it is only £67.50 a week...hardly enough to lead a nice life on. I want to get back to my career and my life, but worried about my condition and I dont want to end up exhausted and in pain all the time, like I was a few months ago, it was just horrendous :(
Any advice most welcome! I also have PA in my hands.
Many thanks!
Terri x


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    Have you contacted advice UK they might be able to help you and what about citizens advice?, also what work are you in and do you have a union where you work?, if there is I'd advise you to join it they can be of use.
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    I have spondylarthropathy, which affects the lower back and other joints around the body and classed as Rhematoid arthritis so I kind of know what the pain and tiredness feels like.

    I had to take some time off work and decided to not go back and was ill for about 8 months. In this time the specialists worked hard to get a diagnosis and started me on meds.

    Since then I have been able to work full time, study at an MA and have 2 young kids. Life is difficult when I have a flare up but I have always been very honest to employers about my disability as I work with people who use drugs and alcohol, and with me being on high medication and sometimes off work, its best that they know.

    Keep going, rest when u need to and be honest with employers, as they shouldnt not give u a job due to your disability. x:-? If they dont give you a job due to disability you can use the disability discrimination act, to write a complaint and get legal advice.

    Hope it goes well, good luck

    xxxxxx x:lol:
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    Hi Terri
    I have had AS and osteoporosis for some 30 years now and to be honest I would say tell them otherwise they could use it against you in the future (Not saying they would though) I was or will be back on Enbrel when I recover from my op but this supposed wonder drug didn't do anything for me, I have heard of Humira one of the wonder drugs but don't pin your hopes on good results because these drugs don't work for everyone :roll: Hopefully it will for you though :wink: