The direction were heading.

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If you see enough TV you can tell a lot about how were doing economically, before the bust the boom time TV was inundated with wall to wall loan adds, then as times started to change and interest rates went up it went over to loan consolidation loans at silly rates of interest.
Well now were a few years in all we get now is short term megga high interest rate tide over loans with rates ranging from 25000% and upwards!.
We also keep getting gambling adds be it for bingo or poker. So we've gone from have it today pay it back tomorrow and to hell with logic, to now that things are getting iffy consolidate now or loose your house, and finally your living beyond your means so you either have to use a loan shark with a nice advert or gamble what little cash you have in the desperate hope in winning cash so you can get shot of the two guys at the front door who are both called Ron and want your car and house keys.
Soon well have state paid for adds telling us where the nearest soup kitchen s are being set up.


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    But will we be able to afford the tv and accompanying license , to view the soup kitchen ads ? Jillyb
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    Ha!, you have a point there Jilly!.
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    rehab44 wrote:
    Everyone comes up with pointers/indicators to the financial strength of a country
    Back in the 70's the pundits stated that the shorter the miniskirt the worst the financial situation, the argument being the cost of material and labour costs
    Based on what I have seen on out on the high street (I am not complaining) we are in real trouble

    Most women wear trousers/ jeans now, so maybe that shows that we're in real trouble economically. Trousers are more practical and hard-wearing than skirts, and they last longer so we don't need to buy so many of them. Back in the 70s, my skirts were like little pelmets :!: :lol:
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    What I thought of as a mini skirt in the sixties is different to how I view it now, the excitement has faded somewhat! The promise isn't quite there, then again I don't lust after money either.......

    I don't get any ads on my telly, don't miss much do I? The only place I'm heading is in the kitchen to do some washing up, I very much doubt if worrying will make a difference!
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    I think we are all going to the wall. Germany and France are dictating what happens and we will know doubt comply with their demands, join the euro and the stock market will collapse, the small investments our family have, are falling every day, as shares drop like bricks in a pool. So much for the financial "advice", oh put this money here, it will work far better for you, well, in three weeks, it has lost 7% of its value. You are better off keeping any money, under the mattress, it will fair better. Rant over.