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Hello just arrived, but vaguely think I may have been here before, if I have forgive me, it is an age thing.
I am/was a chronic sufferer of the RA, all off 40 years, with Felty's syndrome. Felty's
I was the only person that I have ever known with it, until recently my consultant told me of another case at our local hospital.
I hope I can help others with their conditions through my own knowledge of the disease, and likewise get something back from like sufferers.
Please feel free to ask me any questions, either in forum or by PM if you would like a bit of privacy.
Right now off to browse the forum to find my way about.



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    Hi Arfa,

    Welcome to the forum,
    I am not familar with Felty's but will be sure to look and to learn a bit about it..I am not sure if there is anyone on here with that, maybe you could post it as a thread and ask..
    Look forward to seeing you around..
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    Thank you for your welcome.
    I will start a thread incase there is someone else with it, and they don't know it, or haven't ever been screened for it.

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    Just to say hello and welcome. Enjoy :smile:

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