R.I.P Gary Speed

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Terrible news about Gary Speed, only 42 with a wife and two teenage sons, it makes you wonder what his mind was like. I noticed his hands shaking a lot on tv the other day, maybe he was suffering with nerves.


  • traluvie
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    It is so sad when he had everything going for him and there were no apparent problems..
    My OH suspects that maybe something was going to come to light in the papers and he couldn't cope with it???
    We can all summise, but my deepest sympathy goes to his 2 boys and wife..how sad and confused they must be feeling at this time..xx
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    We were driving along in glorious sunshine when we heard the news. We thought heart or stroke so the news that suicide is suspected is truly shocking. DD
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    It is so very sad...he had his family..friends and his sport..but he must have been suffering inside to do what he did....bless him..I really do feel for his wife and sons..they are now left with all this to take in.
  • valval
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    when first heard thought suicide as they did not give a reason and they always do. you have to feel for those he left behind to cope with the back lash val
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    We heard a rumour that the Sun was about to print something but no idea if there's any truth in that , sincerely hope not . Really sad to think of his wife and 2 young lads and how they must be suffering . R I P
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    My OH & I where sat watching Sky Sports (he wanted to watch Villa get smashed!!) when we heard and we 1st thought maybe he had been in a car accident. But when we both heard suicide we where both shocked and saddened. He was a great player, was doing well with the Welsh team and come across as a totally nice bloke. I hope the sun wheren't about to write a story, hope they feel bad. Very sad. R.I.P Gary.
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    very sad very very sad.

    his poor poor family who will never know why maybe?


    toni xx
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    We can all summise, but my deepest sympathy goes to his boys and wife. The confusion those boys must be feeling.