Triple Arthrodesis 25 th November 2011

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Hello all, I've just joined this site following my fusion last Friday. I was allowed home yesterday following the crutches exam. I am feeling comfortable with my plaster cast and am in no pain. A large number of pillows ensures that my ankle remains elevated most of the time. I would like to hear from those in a similar position as me?


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    Hellp LASTEC1. Welcome to the forum. I must say that was quite a dramatic way of finding us! I'm very pleased it all went well and you seem to be doing OK afterwards.

    I don't even know what constitutes a single arthrodesis let alone a triple one :lol: but I'm sure there'll be others on here better informed than I am. If you'd like to post this on the Living With Arthritis forum you're more likely to get replies. best of luck.
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    i to have no idea and hope not to find out in near future but want to welcome you to forum and will look foward to seeing from your posts what it is and how you are doing val