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I have been reading lots of your posts and have decided to join your mad house. I am a 37 yr old single mum and was diagnosed 2 1/2 yrs ago with sero-negative arthur. I suffer in my knees, wrists, thumbs, first finger knuckles, ankles and sacroiliac rh. I take 25mg of methotrexate by injection, celebrex, tramadol, leflunomide 10mg and venlafaxine for my obvious depression. I had a recent flare in my right knee and had to call the dr out for a big steriod injection to get me sorted, which helped after about a week, but since then the pain in my thumbs and across the backs of hands is ssoooo bad i can't do anything with them. Is there anything that helps regarding wrist/thumb braces that is worth buying? I am sure walking about with them stuck up my armpits is not a good look. :lol:


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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    I was advised to wear wrist splints (which were provided for me) at night. They certainly help with hand pain. You could ask your rheumy nurse what they advise.
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    welcome it also does not help if you then fall over by the time you get your hands out you will have bumped your nose.
    can not help just wanted to say hi val
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    Hi nunivos,
    I have RA and have been given two different types of hand splints, one for working in & one for resting and flare ups. There are lots of different ones, Your OT dept should be able to provide them. They really do help.
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    Hi Nunivos,

    flower a welcome from me as well and sorry you have got it but there is life after diagnosis.... guess you already know that one though?

    i have oa and pa and they are very active little invaders..... its not always fun is it?

    Like the others i have got some splints on order from the ot and i think its really worth asking to be referred to them. can't tell you much abut then as i haven't seen them for years but they were incredibly helpful last time and i think will be when i see then next moths for splints, clips and some kind of input for a back and neck brace that take the weight off the vertebrae.....

    with the hands being do sore for you would gutter crutches help perhaps? foam can hep but mine just seem to be swollen and look painful but i am so lucky cus they don;t really hurt like they should.

    i hope you can get to see an o/t and nice to meet you. Cris x
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    Hi Nunivos, welcome to the mad house offically!! Hope you get as much out of it than I do. We are like one big family! Hope to see you take part in a thread soon. bubbadog/Amanda.

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    You did make me smile when you said about hands under armpits.. i do that quite alot lol when i am in pain..I find soaking my hands in warm water is really soothing and have used deep heat too, gloves i have put on to keep hands warm..

    Someone else has recommended wax before, i am sure they will come along and tell you more about it as i have no idea lol..

    Look forward to seeing you on the forum..
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    Hi Nunivos and welcome from me too. As the others have said, wrist splnts can help and there are glove things about now that help some.

    No, the thumbs under armpits isn't 'a good look' but, if you're into looking good you could have got the wrong disease. :lol: I hope you find something that helps.
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    Hello nunivos, it's nice to meet you though I am sorry you have had to find us. I think splints/braces/supports are a very individual thing, I am now realising that I am reaching that stage so I am experimenting with tubigrip (cheap and cheerful) on my wrists and elbows and if that does kinda help things then I will ask for an OT referral at my next appointment (which is January). I know that my local chemist sells wrist supports reasonably cheaply, and you can try before you buy, so that could be another option to pursue. I hope you find something that helps. DD
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    I think i have just posted a reply, but it is lost in cyberspace somwhere. i will repeat incase it never gets found.
    Thankyou for all the helpful replies so far. I was looking for something that held my thumbs as the wristsplints i was given first are not really doing much.
    My son thinks i am using my hands as "booby holders" as i have given up wearing a bra due to weakness in grip. It was getting dangerous to be in the room as there is alot of power in the elastic when it slips from your grip and launches itself across the :oops: I have ordered some supports online and will let you know the outcome.
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    Hi nunivos
    Welcome to the forum from me too

    I hope when your splints arrive you find they relieve some of your pain.

    I know when I used them they did help my joints.

    Juliepf x
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    Hi Nunivos

    Welcome to tthe forums from me l hope you will enjoy them and am thinking you will be able to help us too :smile:

    Those splints Del...looked sooooo comfy!


    Toni xx
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    Hi, welcome aboard-it's a great place to vent frustrations, share concerns and generally get encouragement.

    Know what you mean about the thumb thing-under the armpits isn't a good luck but it sometimes feels better!
    My OT gave me some mega splint things with thumb parts-they're black and look like the stuff wet suits are made from-they look ridiculous but help to support and warm those thumb joints- if the OT gives them to you they won't cost anything. My OT gave me 3 different sorts of hand supports for when various bits of the hands ache, and support gloves to protect joint stability when they're swollen. Hope you can get a specialist rheumatology OT and get the help you need.

    Deb x
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    Welcome to the least you know what you are letting yourself in're the one that hit the nail on the .head.....madhouse :lol::lol:
    Hope you get some advice that helps.....sorry cant help.....mine is in larger joints eg spine, hips ankles etc
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    It is only through the encouragement of people on here that i have decided enough is enough of suffering in silence. I am waiting for ot to ring me back, have been onto school transport to ask for any help they can give me on driving my lad to school as it is really getting painful and i can't take the painkillers until after i have driven. Also asked my council about dragging my wheely bins up to the roadside becoming difficult, and hopefully they will get the binmen to get them for me. Also treated myself to a hand parrafin wax bath from a large supermarket. very reasonable and hopefully well deserved.
    I have never been the sort of person who asks for help before, and am just going to go for it and try, i need to be a more effective parent and having a little extra help means i am in less pain for hometime with my lad. :grin: